Scalable Docker Monitoring with Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana 4

by manu on 11/21/2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 14.38.27

Docker is a great set of technologies. Once you are comfortable with using it, you are presented with a set of challenges, you didn’t have before. To name some:

  • log consolidation: How to retrieve log files from dozens of containers?
  • monitoring: How much RAM and CPU is each container using?

There are a few articles on this topic out there. After reading them none of the solutions really hit me, but they all had some nice features which I chose to combine here. Continue Reading »

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Linksnappy Command Line Downloader (Python)

by manu on 11/15/2014

Simple Python script to download files via Linksnappy.

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md2pdf – Command line Markdown to PDF converter with support for CSS stylesheets and custom fonts, Python

by manu on 11/8/2014

I like to write my notes and reports in Markdown and then send them out in PDF. Gimli worked OK for a while but rasterizes files and doesn’t work with UTF8-characters. I finally came across a similar project in Python and now I’m very happy with it. You can define a custom style sheet in your .profile and md2pdf will use it.

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SSLv3 no longer supported

by manu on 10/22/2014

I had SSLv3 disabled for HTTP for quite some time. In the light of recent event, it is now also disabled for IMAP and SMTP. If you run into any trouble, let us know or update your clients.

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Online iPython Notebook Viewer

by manu on 10/17/2014

We recently started using the slide function of iPython notebooks. Basically it allows you to partition your notebook onto different slides, slide fragments and subslides. Those can be exported to reveal.js

There is already a great viewer for notebooks on To save some steps in exporting, converting and adding reveal.js, I took the idea and added a slide viewer. Anyone can use it to link to their slides on Github, Gist or any other place. We even support Basic Auth. Check it out at:


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Access Docker container attributes in Ansible

by manu on 10/5/2014

Ansible is a great automation solution. I mainly use it to provision servers and launch Docker instances on them. Sometimes I need container attributes, like PID or Port to configure Nginx or monitoring tools.

While the Ansible documentation gives you some hints, I didn’t find it 100% obvious on how to solve this. Basically all your newly-created containers will end up in a list called docker_containers. It has the same structure as docker inspect.

For the PID:

For the host port:

So you could add a PID-file for a container like this:

Also read the full docs here.

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Use Mac OSX Password Generator from Terminal

by manu on 10/5/2014

I really like the password generator, built into Apple’s keychain and System preferences. Passwords are secure and memorable. Only problem is that accessing it takes many steps. Running it from the command line would be much faster.

Continue Reading »

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Beware of header filtering, when sending to iCloud

by manu on 09/6/2014

It’s well documented that Apple/iCloud has a very obscure filtering policy. Emails are delivered to the server and then disappear. Continue Reading »

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Advanced monit: Keep track of daemons, websites, RAIDs and partitons

by manu on 08/19/2014


Are you already hosting your own mail- or webserver and do you enjoy the flexibility, control and freedom self-hosting gives you? Besides the many advantages like better privacy and the power to customize it gives you personally, you can also offer your services to other people. Even tough there are a large number of budget hosting companies, many customers are willing to pay for better support or the comfort to have you around for questions. Continue Reading »

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Defragment Mac OSX from Recovery Mode

by manu on 07/20/2014

Despite some notions that SSDs or HFS drives don’t need defragmenting, I have often read and experienced myself that defragmenting your Mac every few years will clearly make it faster.

I had some trouble running iDefrag and would like to share a little trick I learnt. Basically it will refuse to run a full defrag, while your system drive is mounted. Restarting didn’t help. Here is what I did in the end:
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Improved phising filter and DKIM signing

by manu on 06/5/2014

I noticed an increasing number of phising emails from ‘Telekom’ and ‘DHL’ making it into user mailboxes. ClamAV anti-virus together with Sane Security Phising checks does a good job in stopping zero-day phising emails.

On a different account, DKIM Email signing seems to be preferred by Google these days. So time to add that too.

Let me know if you notice any problems with that.

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Use Java script Bookmarklet to save website data as CSV

by manu on 06/3/2014

Many times I get upset with websites, who display accounting data in a table, but don’t offer a way to download it. This includes banks, payment processors, etc. Even if they offer it, there is a chance it’s the wrong format for your purpose. Continue Reading »

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Import single WordPress site into WordPress MU Installation

by admin on 06/1/2014

When you have a large number of blogs to look after, it can be a challenge to keep on top with security updates for plugins and WordPress Core. At the same time the bad guys are getting faster and faster to exploit these kinds of holes. Continue Reading »

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Quantego – Stochastic optimization

by manu on 05/15/2014

After years of preparation, we are proud to present a usable product of a stochastic optimization library. The core Java libraries were programmed by Nils Löhndorf. I contributed the iPython interface and other ‘glue’. We are excited to find out which uses people will find for this technology.

Check out the website:

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Using Hinton diagrams to visualize stock market correlations

by manu on 04/27/2014


Forecasts are rather difficult, especially when they’re about the future. Or so the saying goes. While predictiong returns is a pointless exercise, there is some value in keeping an eye on correlations.
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