Email, Contacts and Calendar Settings

Aug 4, 2017 05:26 · 151 words · 1 minute read

This page summarizes the settings needed to configure clients to access your email, contacts and calendars.


For checking email in your browser, changing password or setting filters.

Apple Configuration Profile:
Automatically installs required settings for iOS and macOS devices. (Recommended)

Manual Setup using IMAP and SMTP for most other devices

  • IMAP for receiving emails:, port 993, SSL encryption
  • SMTP for sending emails:, port 587, TLS encryption and authentication enabled.

Shared files, contacts, calendar

To set up shared folders, view contacts, calendars and tasks.

File sync client:
OwnCloud’s various clients can be used to sync your files across devices.

Can be used to access your files via WebDav protocol. Built into most operating systems.

Can be used to synchronize your contacts. Supported by iOS, macOS and Android.

Can be used to synchronized calendars. Supported by iOS, macOS and Android.