Direct FIDO2/U2F Support in OpenSSH 8.2 on macOS

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I’m a big fan of using hardware keys to secure important services, since they are even more secure that OTP tokens.

If you are currently using a Yubikey (or similar) to secure services, you will be happy to hear that starting today, you can use your hardware key directly with OpenSSH in FIDO2/U2F mode. The relevant PR was just merged earlier today and it works as expected:

  1. Be sure to update or install the Homebrew openssh package: $ brew upgrade openssh
  2. Insert your hardware key
  3. Generate a new SSH key using: $ ssh-keygen -t ecdsa-sk -f ~/.ssh/id_ecdsa_sk
  4. Find a new public/private key pair int .ssh. The private key will have some content, but should be useless without the hardware key attached.

It also supports ed25519-sk as key type, but this was not supported on the Yubikey 5 I used.

For more details see the official OpenSSH release log.