Download from (and others) via command line on Linux or Mac OSX

May 19, 2013 11:14 · 239 words · 2 minute read

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Many people are using cyberlockers, like Mediafire, Uploaded, Filepost, … to share files. There are many different providers and all of them keep nagging your with captachs to sell their premium accounts. There are some interesting tools to get around this, like JDownloader or PyLoad.

Those work well if you take the time to set them up and administer them, but might be overkill for people who only occasionally download files from their friends. Here I’m suggesting a simpler command-line based method that won’t require new programs and works with curl or wget. Follow these steps:

  1. Register an account with (yes, you need to pay a little bit, but your account is based on actual usage and never expires)
  2. Add the following lines to your .bashrc or .profile (when on a Mac). This adds a new function to your command line environment. The only input-parameter it accepts is the URL or the file you want to download.
    zeveraDownload() {<br /> curl --proxy-anyauth -p -C - -c ~/.zeveraCookie.txt -u USER:PASSWORD -L"${1}" -J -O<br /> }
  3. Open a new terminal-window and simply enter $zeveraDownload

After following a few redirections, your download should start. Curl also uses the correct filename. Please be aware that this technique will only work with supported hosters and might not always be reliable. I still worked well for me so far. The alternative is setting up pyLoad and signing up for an Indian captcha-solving-service.