OwnCloud 4.5 released

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This morning version 4.5 of the excellent owncloud package was released. This is excellent competition to all those Apples and Googles who fight to take control of your personal data. Finally there is a decent solution to host all of this yourself.

Calendar, as well as sharing it works flawless without problems. For addressbooks, there seems to be a flaw in Mac OSX, which prevents the addressbook app to see more than one of them. It just picks the first it sees. If someone shares an addressbook with you, it can even cover up your own contacts. This is quite annoying and I recommend not using this feature for now. Hopefully a workaround is found soon.

Rest should work fine. You can install all settings via profiles as usually. Old installations will continue to work as well. In case you experience any problems, just reinstall your configuration profile and let it sync again.